The agility committee has made the decision to cancel this years agility trial that was to be held on October 9, 10 and 11 2020 at Walters State Expo Center due to the Covid 19 crisis and other factors.  We feel it is safer for our workers and participants to not take a chance. I regret that we are not doing the trial since it is also a social event for all of us and our canine partners. There is always next year, so everyone stay safe and hope for some relief.
Sincerely,    Judy Pinkevich. Agility Trial Chairman

Address: Great Smokey Mountain Expo Center, Exit 8 off Interstate 81

1615 Pavilion Dr., White Pine, TN 37890

Club website: http://gkkc.org/

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Contact the trial secretary: Tina Eastman at sunriseagilitytss@gmail.com for more information.