Please read the Premium, and the Covid-Precautions and Requirements information carefully before entering.

Trial Secretary: JAYNE ABBOT, co-secretary: Tina Eastman

Mailing address for entries: Jayne Abbot, Trial secretary, 109 Ollie Weaver Road, Weaverville, NC 28787

Trial dates: December 11-13

Address: T. Ed Garrison Arena, 1101 W Queen St., Pendleton, SC 29670

Opening Date: November 4

Closing Date: December 2

Facility: Heated indoors facility, dirt footing. 2 100×100 rings

Judges: Michele Fletcher and Bill Pinder

Max 600 runs per day

Classes Offered:

Friday: (Small to Tall): Standard, JWW, FAST, and Premier JWW

Saturday: (Tall to Small): Standard, JWW, Time 2 Beat, Premier Standard and Premier JWW

Sunday: (Small to Tall): Standard, JWW, Time 2 Beat and Premier Standard

NOTE: In order to avoid the same height running simultaneously in both rings for the Masters classes, we will use a custom height order, probably in the JWW ring. Please see TRIAL INFORMATION when the trial has closed, for final height order.

A signed Covid form, provided here, and in the premium, MUST accompany entry. No entry will be processed without a signed form.

Club website:

Contact the trial secretary: Jayne Abbot at for more information.