The Blue Ridge Agility Club’s trial,

January 29-31 has been cancelled.

Message from the club president:
RE: BRAC’s AKC trial, scheduled for January 29-31, at Pendleton. As you can imagine, the status of the Covid pandemic has raised concerns.The BRAC Board met this evening, and we discussed pros and cons of conducting the January AKC trial at considerable length. The main point of agreement was that neither cancelling nor conducting the trial was clearly and simply correct. On one hand, the Covid case numbers in North and South Carolina are climbing rapidly, with scary positivity rates. Alarmingly, the present numbers probably do not reflect a Christmas / New Year’s surge, nor do they take into account any effect of the new Covid variant, which is said to exhibit increased transmissivity. Balancing those considerations are the points that our trials are probably as safe as going to Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, or Ingles. It’s not clear that cancelling the trial means that those who would have attended would instead spend the weekend at home, wearing their masks.In the end, the Board was primarily concerned with minimizing the load on our healthcare system. Both of the Carolinas are experiencing record hospitalization rates, and whatever one can say about individual risk, the possibility of overloading our hospitals is a risk we should not take.Therefore, regretfully, we are cancelling the trial. We will investigate the possibility of rescheduling, but the combined issues of Covid, judges’ schedules, and facility availability preclude any guesses about timing at this point.Thanks again for your support, and we hope to see you soon at a BRAC trial.


Joe Root

President, BRAC