September 29-Oct 1, AKC–Greater Columbia Obedience Club

Trial Dates: September 29-October 1

Address: South Congaree Horse Arena, 301 Oak St, West Columbia, SC

Premium: Coming in July

Opening Date: August 7, 10:00 a.m.

Closing Date: September 19, 11 p.m.

Facility: Outdoors, under cover. 2 rings on groomed dirt.

Judges:  Sandy Moody

Max 350 runs per day

Classes Offered:

Friday: All levels: Standard, JWW, FAST, Premier JWW

Saturday: Standard, JWW, FAST, Time 2 Beat, Premier Standard

Sunday: Standard, JWW, Time 2 Beat, Premier Standard, Premier JWW

Online entry: Offered through LabTested Online. See link below

Not familiar with LabTested? Click the PDF below for the trial secretary’s “LabTested 101” tutorial

Club Website:

Facility Website:

Contact the trial secretary: Tina Eastman at for questions regarding entries.